Sleepyhead Users Guide


SleepyHead  v.0.9.1 Beta

SleepyHead is an interactive viewer for CPAP machine data. Currently supports Philips Respironcs PRS1. Others coming soon. Read CPAP data.

3EPlus  v.4.0.0039

3EPlus is an industrial energy management tool for Windows. It has been designed to allow users to calculate the required insulation of a structure according to a variety of factors.


Personal Stock Monitor GOLD  v.9.3.5

Personal Stock Monitor Gold enables the active investor to quickly research, track, chart, and trade stock market securities within the privacy of a personal desktop Windows application. It features technical analysis, alerts, gain/loss, and more.

ZUD (CMMS)  v.10-3-2011

The Complete system for managing and organizing data as well as producing documents for any business or organization wanting to improve their equipment/vehicle maintenance program. Automatically create PM Work Orders when due.

IBM - Hitachi Feature Tool  v.2.15

This program is a DOS-bootable tool for changing various ATA features. The Feature Tool allows you to control some of the features of Deskstar and Travelstar high performance ATA hard disk drives and supports 48-bit addressing,

WinMorph  v.3.01

We often see some video and images with strange effect in different occasions. Most of us may be wondering how these effect are made. Do you want to create image morphing and warping movies yourself No problem!

Weather 1  v.8.50

If you are a junketing lover you should know that it is very important to learn about the weather conditions. Of course we can listen to the radio or watch the TV to learn the weather status. But we usually miss the correct broadcast time of it.

Bookmarks Manager  v.

Finally...a way to create, organize, categorize and easily use a collection of Bookmarks/Favorites on the Windows Phone. With Bookmarks Manager, you have the ability to maintain a large list of Bookmarks all categorized in Folders and sub-Folders.

ZUD-CMMS 02-02-2013  v.2013

BAAC offers ZUD, for Zero Unscheduled Downtime, a CMMS database program for small to midsize organizations and manufacturing who want to gather history on equipment maintenance or inventory, then use that data to reduce maintenance costs and unschedu

VisualHub  v.1.26

VisualHub bridges the gap between numerous complicated video formatting standards, and people that just want to get the job done - just what you would expect from the Mac.

AudialHub  v.1.0.1

If music is the universal language, how come there are so many different music formats?

BitVice MPEG2 Encoder  v.2.0

BitVice MPEG2 Encoder uses the latest technology and science to compress your movies into MPEG2 elementary video streams.

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